Rayna Barker, CPDT-KA
Rayna’s compassion and love for these “cast-offs” in our society prompted her to help
where she could.  She is responsible for helping set up a dog training program at one of L.A.’s city shelters, and conducting a training class specifically for the shelter dogs while they are housed there.   Because of that effort, she was awarded the 2008 Volunteer of the Year Award from the City of Los Angeles.

Regardless of the issue, from aggression to housebreaking or just basic obedience and manners, every dog deserves the opportunity to be the best he can be.  Rayna is passionate about educating people on the humane and positive ways to train their dog.   With in-home private training, owners and dogs are worked together so that after training is finished, owners will have the knowledge and skills needed to maintain their unique and special relationship with their dog.

In addition, Rayna:

Volunteers her time and expertise to various rescue organizations.

Has trained her own dogs in obedience and agility competition, winning a number of

Is a Mentor Trainer for the Animal Behavior College

Is a volunteer and evaluator for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

Appears monthly on a local cable TV show as the resident trainer for an animal rescue
foundation, advising on training and behavior issues

Has been a member and past officer of a local dog obedience club for over 20 years

Has two years past veterinary experience as an apprentice technician

Is a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)

Strives to further her education by attending behavior/training conferences.


You were my teacher and my guide into my life of dog training. 
Always patient with me, always willing to give more.  You were my sweet Golden boy.  I love you, I miss you and I am forever grateful.


Dog of my heart…because of you I learned how to be more than just a “trainer”.  You taught me so much and forever changed the way I work and handle dogs.  You were my partner, my very best friend.  We grew and learned so much together, you and I.  I miss you beyond words and I thank you for the gifts you gave me.

Rayna is a  Certified Professional Dog Trainer who began her training career over 20 years ago while working and training her own dog in obedience competition.  People would invariably approach and ask for help in training their own dog.  Her passion took roots.   Her expertise now is dealing primarily with behavioral issues, and transitioning new dogs into the home.
Due to the tremendous over-population of dogs in our society today, many dogs coming into a new home are from shelters or rescue organizations.  These dogs and families often need extra help with their relationships.
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